Everything you need to design your coaching offers, sell them online as well as onboard and serve your clients remotely

Want to set up your online coaching practice, but you...

  • feel overwhelmed by the vast choice of tools available
  • want to avoid spending weeks testing out different online tools
  • need to automate your admin with free tools so you save time and money
  • are confused about where to begin with marketing?

Creating a workflow and this toolkit are the solutions to your problem!



Getting Your Offer and Pricing Right. Scheduling Tools & Session Prepayments. Contracts and Email Templates. Digital Contract Signing. Automated Invoicing, payment plans and receipts.


Setting Up Your Paypal Account, Creating Shopping Carts & Payment Links for Emails and Landing Pages. Accepting Credit Card and PayPal payments.


Online 1:1 and 1: Many, Tools, Upselling and Customer retention
Online Networking and Online Marketing to get more traffic + leads from your website.

for all the tools recommended

Short, on-point tech tutorials covering the tools you need to create the systems and processes needed in your online business

BONUSES include... 

3 x Recorded Q and A videos, a ton of value, and lots of questions answered

1 x Online Marketing Training for Coaches & Consultants Selling Online (Your short-term and long-term plan)

Monica Wojtasinka-Felicio

Founder & Change Facilitator at

Stephanie has huge knowledge and experience in the field and she shares it openly, wholeheartedly wanting to help you grow. 

I highly recommend her programs

You will complete this training with...

>>  Online offers that work for your audience + your Workbook with a clear outline

>> All your payment systems set-up, connected to your bank account and linked from your website, email and sales page.

>> A fully functioning calendar to make dealing with time zones and availability a breeze. With the option to take payment before the client books your slots.

 >> Your tools all set up to deliver your services online (+ tips on how to add value to your offers if your clients are used to face-to-face)

>> A clear overview of all the things you need to do to network online, upsell/retain existing clients and get more traffic and leads from your website.

Sunaina Vohra

Founder & Parenting Coach at

I cannot say enough about how much love and passion Sttephanie puts into her work. Me being completely low tech – she has literally held my hand and walked me step by step.

No question is ever too small in her books. 


Helen Maffini

Owner & Director

Loved Stephanie’s communication style. Its light, entertaining – not boring!

I took my business online in 2014

I went from running a local design agency with my husband to selling coaching, courses and content marketing services online. 

Finding my way around was not easy back then, but I was lucky enough to hire many great coaches and travel to excellent training events, that showed me the way,  Now I want to use this knowledge to help you set-up your processes so you can offer your services online starting from next week!. 

I'm a bit of a tool junkie, I've tried and tested many tools and systems over the past years. But because I love simplicity and automation, my systems are very streamlined. 

I'm going to let you take a peek under my bonnet, see my entire set-up and how I put it together, whilst helping you make decisions about the best set-up for YOUR business and YOUR offers. I will also show you the way around all the tools I use.

These systems allowed me to 10x my hourly rate going from $30/hour to $300 by selling my services worldwide. 

I'm very excited about helping you get all set up to offer your services online like a pro.

What people said when asked if they would recommend this training...

Who it's for...

1. You're a coach, therapist, or consultant who wants to sell their packages internationally or locally online

2. You're a teacher or corporate trainer/speaker and want to offer your services remotely

3. You're a consultant or advisor who needs to offer their services remotely

4. You're a dance/yoga/fitness instructor or coach and want to take your students online