Learn How to Offer and Sell Your Coaching, Consultancy & Services Online in 3 days or less

Ideal for coaches, consultants, trainers, wellness instructors, doctors, physios and anyone wanting to offer their services or programmes online

No more endless youtube tutorials trying to figure it all out alone!

Inside this Bootcamp, I take you behind the scenes and show you how my business works... and how to build your own

you'll make decisions that suit YOUR business model

or help you come up with a new one

I show you the tools, templates, and strategies that have built my online coaching, courses and services business over the past 6 years

In this training, I help you set-up your systems, tools, invoicing and client communication tools. One simple step at-a-time.

Monica Wojtasinka-Felicio

Founder & Change Facilitator at www.teammatters.eu

Stephanie has huge knowledge and experience in the field and she shares it openly, wholeheartedly wanting to help you grow. 

I highly recommend her programs

You will leave this Bootcamp with...

>> Online offers that work for your audience + your Bootcamp Workbook with a clear outline

>> All your payment systems set-up, connected to your bank account and linked from your website, email and sales page.

>> A fully functioning calendar to make dealing with timezones and availability a breeze. With the option to take payment before the client books your slots.

>> An onboarding system that wows your clients. Fully integrated with online contract signing, plus my emails, contacts and client enrollment templates

>> Your tools all set-up to deliver your services online (+ tips on how to add value to your offers if your clients are used to face-to-face)

>> A clear overview of all the things you need to do to network online, upsell/retain existing clients and get more traffic and leads from your website.

What you get...


Getting Your Offer and Pricing Right. Scheduling Tools & Session Prepayments. Contracts and Email Templates. Digital Contract Signing. Automated Invoicing, payment plans and receipts.


Setting Up Your Paypal Account, Creating Shopping Carts & Payment Links for Emails and Landing Pages. Accepting Credit Card and PayPal payments.


Online 1:1 and 1: Many, Tools, Upselling and Customer retention
 Online Networking and Online Marketing to get more traffic + leads from your website.

TECH TUTORIALS (Value $299):
Short, on-point tech tutorials covering the tools you need to create the systems and processes needed in your online business

BONUSES: include... 

3 x Recorded Q and A 's, a ton of value and lots of questions answered
1 x Online Marketing Training for Coaches & Consultants Selling Online (Your short-term and long-term plan)



Finish this Programme within 2 weeks to qualify for a free laser coaching session to map your next steps

Value $300

Sunaina Vohra

Founder & Parenting Coach at www.athenalifecoaching.com

I cannot say enough about how much love and passion Sttephanie puts into her work. Me being completely low tech – she has literally held my hand and walked me step by step.

No question is ever too small in her books. 

Who it's for...

1. You're a coach or consultant offering face-to-face programmes

2. You're a teacher or corporate trainer/speaker and want to offer your services remotely

3. You're a consultant or advisor that needs to offer their services online/remotely

4. You're a dance/yoga/fitness instructor and want to take your students online

5. You're a medical professional (doctor, physio etc) that wants to offer advice remotely for a fee

6. You're a freelancer, small design agency or consultancy, writer and editor or provide any service that can be delivered remotely

I took my business online in 2014

I went from running a local design agency with my husband to selling coaching, courses and content marketing services online. 

Finding my way around was not easy back then, but I was lucky enough to hire many great coaches and travel to excellent training events, that showed me the way,  Now I want to use this knowledge to help you set-up your processes so you can offer your services online starting from next week!. 

I'm a bit of a tool junkie, I've tried and tested many tools and systems over the past years. But because I love simplicity and automation, my systems are very streamlined. 

I'm going to let you take a peek under my bonnet, see my entire set-up and how I put it together, whilst helping you make decisions about the best set-up for YOUR business and YOUR offers. I will also show you the way around all the tools I use.

These systems allowed me to 10x my hourly rate going from $30/hour to $300 by selling my services worldwide. 

I'm very excited about helping you get all set-up to offer your services online like a pro.

Are you in?

Helen Maffini

Owner & Director mindbe-education.com

Loved Stephanie’s communication style. Its light, entertaining – not boring!